The Great Wall in Web3

I tried to use the top 100 dApps with three different wallets, and the login experience was even worse than we thought.

Web3 is supposed to bring us great accessibility to the new internet. Self-custodial and permissionless! But look what we have at the bottom line:

  • 32% of dapps don’t work at all if you don’t use Metamask 😖

  • 43% of dapps have hardcoded login options (can’t detect other wallets if the user has them)

  • 14 % have 10 or more login options 🤯, while two of them have 20 login options (Galxe & Lido) on their front page

  • 13% of dapps work as expected (detect and recognize user’s injected wallet)

The Rise of Self Custody

Self-custody might represent the next phase in the digital age. The crypto landscape is teeming with competitors:

  1. Crypto giants like Binance & Coinbase have rolled out their self-custody wallets.

  2. Financial powerhouses such as Robinhood have entered the arena with their own wallets.

  3. New entrants like Zerion, Rainbow, and Rabby challenge the status quo.

  4. Mobile-first dapps like Tribe have introduced inbuilt self-custody wallets.

  5. And let's not forget the pioneer that remains dominant 🦊.

This growth indicates two things:

  • An acceleration towards web3 adoption,

  • A looming user experience (UX) challenge.

The Problems With Web3 Logins

DApps that present numerous login choices, many irrelevant to a user's needs, are symptomatic of a larger problem.

Back in 2017, there were just a few wallet providers, so a hardcoded login was good enough. In 2023, we have a wide range of wallets and dapps that all need to be accessible. Any wallet should be able to connect to any dapp.

23% dapps have overwhelming choices: The sheer volume of wallet options creates decision paralysis for users and dapps, leading to a disjointed UX. E.g., Galxe, 1inch, Lido.

Too many wallet choices
Too many wallet choices

MetaMask's Dominance: 32% of dapps heavily rely on MetaMask, inadvertently creating 'walled gardens' and hampering their own UX.

Too few wallet choices
Too few wallet choices

In 45% of cases, wallets must masquerade as MetaMask to connect to the dapp.

Pretenting to be MetaMask
Pretenting to be MetaMask

Biased Connection Libraries: Existing libraries are skewed towards MetaMask, impeding the seamless integration of alternative wallets.

For instance, while Rainbow Kit detects an injected entity, it fails to identify the exact wallet. Similarly, Dynamic Kit & WalletConnect kits can identify Zerion or Raby extensions but still prioritize MetaMask or Coinbase, even when they aren’t installed.

  • 43% – Hardcoded

  • 27% – Rainbow

  • 11% – Web3 Modal (WalletConnect)

  • 10% – Blocknative

  • 8% – Family

  • 1% – Privy

The anonymous browser wallet
The anonymous browser wallet

Web3: Expectation vs Reality

The Expectation: Web3 logins are the next-gen, decentralized alternatives to conventional logins like Google or Facebook.

The Reality: You're facing the issue of not being able to log in when you attempt to experience the web3.

Imagine those newbies, who will try “the new” web for the first time.

With the Status Quo, Everyone Loses

  • DApps that don't cater to this wallet diversity risk a fragmented user base.

  • Users must have a bunch of different wallets to “permissionlessly” browse the new internet.

  • The industry suffers slower growth because we put blockers, which newbies can’t pass trough.

A Better Way: Show Users What They Use

A consortium of developers from WalletConnect, wallets like Zerion, Brave, and Rainbow, libraries such as Wagmi, Web3onboard, and others are collaborating on EIP6963.

Their mission? To streamline the login experience by creating a standard that identifies and displays only the wallets that the user has.

You see only the wallets that have
You see only the wallets that have

Conclusion: Let Any Wallet 🔌  to Any dApp

Self-custody is a mindset, and login is your entrance to the new web.

Every wallet should be able to connect to any dapp. Until then, we are not much better than other, permissioned entities.

A consortium of wallet providers, dApp developers, UX/UI experts, and indie developers should collaborate to create and widely accept login standards supporting a thriving and inclusive web3 ecosystem.

The benefits are obvious

  • For wallets: A level playing field that promotes healthy competition.

  • For users: A consistent and user-friendly login experience across platforms.

  • For dapps: Easier integration with multiple wallets, expanding potential user demographics.

Wanna contribute?

In the tweet below, tag your favorite dapp or a wallet you believe should join forces to remove The Great Wall.

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